21 de juliol de 2009

Felt works!


Today I'm not going to upload any dessert, recipe, whatever.
I'm going to upload something different, I'm going to introduce you my other hobby!!

Here are my very first works, this beautiful felt flowers are made by ME.

And I also do fruit slices such as this:

I hope you like it!!

Enjoy your summer!! :)

5 comentaris:

  1. Lovely work with felt! I love the orange slice! Crafting is very relaxing isn't it! :)

  2. hello miriam!!!
    so nice to hear from you! how are things in your neck of the woods? are you having fun and getting down and dirty with your english??
    i must write nuria to ask about the cae... i hope she passed it!
    tell me about your adventures please! barcelona is VERY hot and sticky and in fact, i'd kill for some rain! i really like your fruits!!! un beso guapa!

  3. hey miriam!
    thanks for the nice comment on my blog! the summer has been somewhat productive... you never really get what you had planned done. but hey, at least i tried!
    so you like living abroad eh? i knew you would! it's good to see that things are going well and if you leave sadly then you'll know it was worth it.
    let me know more about cae, we did mocks on friday...
    great to hear from you and take care!!!
    see you in the near future!
    eve :)

  4. Oooooooh!!!! m'encanta el teu hobbie!!!! t'han quedat preciooooooooses totes les flors i fruites!!!!

  5. vull que em fagis una fruita a mi tmbee!!



¡¡Gracias por sacarme una sonrisa!! :)