30 de setembre de 2009



Back after 2 months, Jeez... But I'm back, at least!!

Here's some photos of this afternoon with Leah!!

We did some (and more than some) pancakes and these are the final photos!!

Leah says: yummmmmmmmm yuummmmmmmmmmm

These pancakes (if we can call them pancakes) were decorated by her with honey, sugar and Nutella!! :)

I hope you like them!! They taste reeeally good!!

See you soon (I guess) with a Betty Crocker cookies recipe!!

Bon appétit!!

6 comentaris:

  1. Anonymous1/10/09 13:56

    Yaaay!! :)

  2. Anonymous2/10/09 15:58

    kee riiicooos!
    aaveure quan tornes i en fas aki...
    jajaja xD
    teestimuu tataaaa:$

  3. Anonymous3/10/09 18:41

    Torno a escriure perque es veu que no es va guardar !!!

    Ummm!!! Tenen molt bona pinta els pancakes, ja saps que et tocarà fer quan tornis a casa... eh??? però aquí els farem amb Nocilla , vale ?
    Felicita a la teva ajudanta Leah.

    Molts besitos per la meva Daily Cooker.

    La Mamma .

  4. miriam!
    that IS so funny! when i saw faba i thought... oh, this looks familiar!
    it's adorable that your dad wants to learn english! it'll be helpful when his daughter is living abroad ;)
    well, you better help dad with homework and ONLY speak to him in English!
    it's the only way!!
    enjoy the rest of your time in ireland and ens veiem en la cuitad condal!

  5. hola míriam!
    soc sika, de forovegetariano.

    fa poquet que he creat un blog, i si no t'importa t'afegeixo als meus links!



  6. Muy interesante el texto, lo entendí todo xD Quiero más muffins como el que me diste el otro día!! Dónde está la receta que no la veooo :P


¡¡Gracias por sacarme una sonrisa!! :)